Repair of Apartments or House Repair in Kiev and near

Kiev repairs

Profirem’s home repairs assistant specialist speaks English. You can call directly this number and ask any questions: +380 – 96 – 94 11 373 Alice.

If you need to repair an apartment, a house or an office you have come to the right place!

Profirem specializes in comfortable repairs and refurbishments. That means, you don’t have to worry about anything. We will talk with all those authorities, inspections, builders, service providers etc. The only thing you will have to do is to decide what you want to be made in your apartment or house.

Profirem provides all kinds of home repairs including:

  • Home renovation (plaster, paintwork, floor works, etc.)
  • All-inclusive maintenance
  • Plumbing (don’t do separately)
  • Electrics (don’t do separately)

Construction site supervisor consultation is free of charge and may be provided in a convenient time including weekends and holidays. After the consultation, an estimate is given. If you want to understand possible costs and expenses without a consultation just call us +380 96 94 11 373, or write an e-mail:

Repairs Price for Kiev

Prices are subject to change, please, call +380 96 94 11 373 for confirmation.

Description Unit of Price
measurement (hrn)


Primer coat (sizing) m2 5
Bonded screed grouting using self-leveling mix m2 from 40
Screed strip layering up to 5 cm m2 60
Screed strip layering over 5 cm m2 from 70
Hydro isolation (bituminous grout) m2 35
Hydro isolation (asphalt sheet) m2 35
Expanded polystyrene placement m2 from 30
Tile laying with joints floating m2 from 155
Cove base layering r.m. from 60
Laminated floor layering with base sheeting m2 50
Parket floor layering with base sheeting m2 from 60
Linoleum or carpet layering m2 45
Plastic cove base layering r.m. 35
Wood skirting layering r.m. 45
Door sill layering (up to 1 m) piece from 100


Gypsum board partition installation m2 from 120
Gypsum board partition installation in 2 coats m2 from 160
Blind gypsum wall installation m2 from 80
Gypsum board form installation r.m. 70
Gypsum jambs installation r.m. 70
Gypsum arch installation r.m. from 150
Primer walls coat (sizing) m2 6
Gypsum plaster rendering of walls m2 from 70
Cement-sand grout plaster rendering of walls m2 from 75
Jambs rendering r.m. 70
Start filler putting m2 45
Finish filler putting for further painting m2 from 55
Finish filler for further wallpaper hanging m2 from 45
Gypsum boards putting with joints sealing m2 75
Walls grinding m2 30
Jambs putting for further painting r.m. 60
Start jambs putting r.m. 40
Perforated corner staff installation r.m. 20
Nonwoven or glass-fibre wrapping material hanging on walls m2 from 35
Jambs painting r.m. 35
Decorative plaster rendering m2 from 100
Wallpaper hanging m2 from 40
Wallpaper hanging with pattern matching m2 from 55
Water paint work in 1 coat m2 20
Oil-bound paint work in 1 coat m2 25
Ceramic wall tile installation m2 from 165
Mosaic tile installation m2 from 300
Door block installation piece from 450
Plastic battern placement m2 70
Expanded polystyrene placement m2 35
Heat insulation-sound proofing with slag wool installation r.m. 35
Brick laying in 1/2 of a brick m2 from 150
Gas-block or foam concrete block installation m2 from 120
Wall chase filling r.m. 10


Gypsum board ceiling installation m2 from 100
Tray / shaped gypsum ceiling installation m2 from 130
Gypsum block installation r.m. from 140
Heat insulation-sound proofing (wool) installation m2 35
Primer coat (sizing) m2 7
Filler putting on gypsum boards for further painting m2 from 75
Start filling putting m2 from 45
Finish filling putting for further painting m2 from 55
Nonwoven or glass-fibre wrapping material hanging  on ceiling m2 40
Water paint work in 1 coat m2 23
Ceiling fancy batten installation with painting r.m. from 50

Electric works

Niche building for cross cabinet piece from 250
Cross cabinet installation piece 200
Single pole circuit breaker setting piece 40
Differential breaker setting piece 80
Three pole circuit breaker setting piece 120
Outlet (socket, rosette) box placement in a brick spot 55
Outlet (socket, rosette) box placement in cocrete spot from 70
Outlet (socket, rosette) box placement in gypsum board spot 45
Making grooves in a brick r.m. 20
Making grooves in concrete r.m. from 30
Wire installation in a chase r.m. from 9
Wire installation along a wall or ceiling r.m. 12
Wire installation along a wall or ceiling in a swage r.m. 18
Socket or switch placement and connection piece from 40
Spot light installation and connection piece from 50
Wall luminaire installation and connection piece from 80
Chandelier installation and connection piece from 130
Fan installation and connection piece from 70
Heat-insulated floor layering m2 from 90
Thermostat for heat-insulated floor installation piece 150
Cable placing for TV, Internet, telephone r.m. 12


Pipework for cold and hot water, sewage spot from 500
Making chases r.m. from 80
Preassure regulator installation piece 150
Roughing water filter installation piece 80
Water meter installation piece 200
Backflow barrier installation piece 100
Ball valve installation piece 75
Tie-in plumbery piece 500
Tie-in sewage piece 500
Sanitaryware installation
Bath installation piece from 400
Shower cabin installation piece from 500
Architrave installation piece from 450
Lavatory installation piece from 250
Wash basing installation piece from 250
Towel dryer installation piece from 200
Boiler installation piece from 400
Sink mixer installation piece from 150
Plumbing trap installation piece from 80


Screed disassembling up to 5 cm m2 from 35
Screed disassembling over 5 cm m2 from 40
Disassembling of a parting brick wall of 1/2 brick m2 from 60
Disassembling of a parting foam concrete or gas block wall m2 from 35
Gypsum board partition wall disassembling m2 from 35
Gypsum board wall disassemling m2 from 30
Plaster disassembling m2 from 30
Ceramic tile disassembling m2 from 30
Loading and handling works hour from 80

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